You’ll Feel Like Royalty In Modern-Day Medieval Castle In Boise

BOISE, ID — In the fairy tale, no one ever tells the truth about Medieval castles: They’re dark, drafty and dank. But this Gothic castle in Boise, Idaho, listed by Patch’s real-estate partner,, fits the fantasy of what it’s like to live — and defend your property — like royalty and has none of the uncomfortable realities of castles centuries ago.

The 5,845-square-foot home built in 2010 has echoes of the past like a non-working portcullis in the entryway that, in Medieval times, would have fortified the castle and secured it during an attack or siege. There are also slits along the roofline where archers would have been stationed in earlier times to defend your property.

But the castle is decidedly modern day, and the seller is even willing to take bitcoin for the $2,775,000 it will cost to own it. Touchscreens that control smart-home features are strategically placed throughout the mansion. And unlike the castles centuries ago, a geothermal heat pump keeps this one is warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

"It’s a fusion of centuries," listing agent Missy Coman told "It’s got everything from the Medieval period plus the high-tech things people want today."

Coman said the owner "loved the time period, and his children were the right age to really have a lot of fun with it."


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The "fun" includes a rooftop terrace that has radiant heat that melts the snow, a hot tub with a dragon fountain, a grill, bar and greenhouse. The turrets are living spaces, opening to a media room a dining room with a round table and movie-prop throne and a sitting room that can double as a theater. In fact, the current owner has opened the castle to the community for performances by the local ballet and Shakespeare plays.

You truly will live and entertain like royalty here. The master suite, one of five bedrooms, occupies a full floor and includes an office, workout rooms, a plunge tub and steam shower. A separate guest suite has a kitchen, huge bathroom, and a washer and dryer. Of course, there’s a wine cellar.

Here are some of the details:

Price: $2,775,000 Square Feet: 5,845 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 7 Baths Built: 2010

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